Comenius project

  • Enrique Ruiz Cano joined our school at the age of 22 on 1st September 2013 straight after passing his state entry examination and getting a permanent position. A couple of weeks after starting working for the school, he decided to apply for a Comenius project so as to innovate in CLIL teaching and as a complement for the MA in CLIL and Bilingual Education he was doing in Nebrija University in Madrid.

     Two months later, his project was one of the few which were actually approved in the Region of Murcia by the European Comission and the OAPEE from Madrid.

    The project revolved around CLIL and consisted of staying in the UK for a fortnight to do a CLIL course with other teachers from all over Europe who were already CLILers or were aiming to start using this methodology.


    He participated in a training activity which was organized by ISP and which took place in Exeter (Devon – England) in March 2014. He learnt lots of new appoaches which he also applied in the classroom when he came back and reported back to his colleagues. This Comenius course was a springboard to set up many pen pals activities with other schools across Europe.