English and CLIL department

English and CLIL department
  • The English and CLIL department is comprised of 6 teachers at this moment in time. Five of them teach English and Science though English and are also a class teacher.

    The head of the department´s schedule is fully dedicated to CLIL and English literacy. There is also another teacher whose timetable is nearly fully dedicated to English and Natural Science.

    In our department, we carry out different sorts of activities eg pen friends exchanges with other schools across Europe, role-plays, we attend to the local theatre to see different plays in English, etc.

    It is worth pointing out the pen friends exchanges Year 4 pupils and his CLIL & English teacher, Mr. Enrique Ruiz Cano, did during the school year 2013-14 with Emina Elementary school (Croatia), Temple View Primary school from Idaho (USA) and Riga Classical Gymnasium from Riga (Latvia). This activity with the last school we mention was a springboard to get an Erasmus + KA2 project “off the ground”.

    Throughout the academic year 2014-2015, apart from all the activities which are included in our current Erasmus KA2 project, year 5 pupils and Mr. Enrique Ruiz Cano carried out another pen pals exchange with Temple View Primary school from the USA as a follow-up of the previous academic year.

    During the present school year, we are aiming to set up videoconferencing activities with Ecole Primaire Publique d’Alissas (France) as well as pen pals exchanges where our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils will exchange letters and common activities. We will obviously carry out quite a number of activities which will be organized with our Erasmus + project.

    It is also worth highlighting that Mr. Enrique Ruiz Cano is also involved in an etwinning project about “healthy habits” with other schools from other countries around Europe eg Poland, Slovakia, Greece, France, Spain, etc.

  • Halloween school year 2013/14

  • CHRISTMAS CARDS – December 2013

  • CHRISTMAS CARDS – December 2013

  • Science experiment by Antonio Rosell (Year 4 pupil – school year 2013-14)

  • Science experiment (Year 4 pupils – school year 2013-14)

  • Video where pupils talk about significant periods throughout history (Year 4 pupils school year 2013/14)

  • Video where pupils create their own food chain (Year 5 – school year 2014/15)