Erasmus + KA2 Activities 2014 - 16

  • Transnational visit to the Redhills Primary (25th January – 1st February 2015)

    To start this project, after a few meetings on skype, we had our first transnational meeting to Exeter in January 2015. Three teachers from our school (Enrique Ruiz Cano, Jose Antonio Donaire Guerrero and Ana Alicia García Bonillo) took part in many activities in English classes eg Spanish lessons, Art and Crafts through Spanish, presentations about Spain and our school, Science and Maths lessons, etc. Before winding up the week, we set up quite a few videoconferencing sessions with Spain where Spanish and English children had the chance to ask each other questions about their schools, cultures, home towns, and so on.

    We also had a few meetings in the evenings to co-ordinate the project.

  • Video of a prime example of an assembly in an English school

  • Videoconference with Andres Garcia Soler Primary school from Redhills

  • Transnational visit to Riga Classical Gymnasium (26th – 30th April)

    In April 2015, Enrique Ruiz Cano and Jose Antonio Donaire Guerrero visited Riga Classical Gymnasium with the aim of building up stronger relationships between both schools and setting up videoconferencing sessions with Spanish children.

    Visit to Redhills Primary with pupils (29th May – 5th June 2015)

     In June 2015, ten children from our school flew out to Exeter with three teachers, Enrique Ruiz, Elisa Martinez and Jose Antonio Donaire. It is worth saying these pupils were the first 10 in the whole Region of Murcia at Primary level when participating in this type of European project. Their names are Antonio Rosell, Anabel Estévez, Adrián Sánchez, Antonio Mora, Pablo Sánchez, Miguel Quiñonero, Lucía Montes, Lucía Escudero, Daniel Ferrando and Enrique Rondán.

    They joined a normal school day at Redhills Primary school and carried out a Project on cultural heritage thorughout which they designed some flags using the materials which are used for hot-air ballons.

    They also had the chance to go on a one day trip to London by train.

    All the Spanish pupils and teachers stayed with the Latvian teachers throughout that week and spent lots of time together.

    Transnational visit to Andres Garcia Soler Primary (18th October – 24th October 2015)

    In October 2015, Latvian and English teachers have visited our school and joined our classes. It has been quite fruitful and motivating for all our pupils and some teachers to host teachers from other European countries here. We have learnt quite a lot of new approaches and shared our experience teaching different areas of the curriculum through the English language.

    Transnational visit to Riga (29th Novemeber – 5th December)’

    Visit to Spain with pupils’

    Throughout the week starting on 18th January 2016, we hosted both the children and teachers from the UK and Latvia. They have been taking part in a wide range of activities at school and accomplished some tasks related to our project “Celebrities”. They have also come on some cultural trips like Aguilas or Caravaca with our Spanish children.’

    Visit to Riga with pupils 06.03.16 – 13.03.16

    Throughout this week, 15 pupils and 3 teachers from our school visited Riga as part of our KA2 project. We participated in many activities at school with British students and we went on several trips like Jurmala. Pupils throroughly enjoyed the trip to Riga and it has been one of their best experiences in their lives.’