Erasmus + KA1 Project 2014

Erasmus + KA1 Project
  • In February 2014, just one month after the European Comission brought some light on what new Erasmus + projects were going to consist of, Mr. Enrique Ruiz started writing a KA1 project which revolved around CLIL with the aim of giving teachers from his school the chance to learn more about CLIL and providing the school with the opportunity to work with other schools across Europe.

    The project was approved in June 2014 and in January 2015, three teachers from Andres Garcia Soler Primary school took part in a CLIL course in the NILE (Norwich – UK). The three teachers that were selected by the head to participate in this project were Enrique Ruiz Cano (Project co-ordinator), Ana Alicia García Bonillo and Jose Antonio Donaire Guerrero.

    They stayed in Norwich for a fortnight and had the chance to live with a local host family throughout that stay. They learnt a lot about how to innovate in bilingual teaching and CLIL and built up connections with other schools across Europe.

    The project concluded in August 2015 and after having submitted the final report, our NA has congratulated us on all the hard work and good project we have carried out.

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