Erasmus + KA2 Project 2014

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    The project is entitled “CLIL as a tool for change in the Primary classroom” and it comprises three schools (our school, Redhills Primary from Exeter-UK and Riga Classical Gymnasium from Riga – Latvia).

    Throughout this project, as far as our school and teachers are concerned, we mainly aim to get to know new ways of approaching CLIL and teaching different Curriculum subjects through the English language, learn new methods to cater for diversity and different learning styles, analyse whether the way we have been carrying out a successful CLIL methodology so far and cooperate with other schools in Europe.

    As for pupils, we would like to provide them with the opportunity to make use of their English in real situations with a communicative purpose, allow them to get to know and interact with children from other cultures, increase their intercultural awareness and make them considerably more resilient.

    To be able to do so, we built up a partnership with other European schools and we have all formed a “Strategic Association” which is comprised by 3 different schools from Spain, Latvia and England. The experience from the British school is also being incredibly beneficial for both the Latvian and the Spanish school as teachers will get the chance to witness other ways of teaching Science, Maths as well as other Curriculum subjects through English in actual native English contexts. English children on the other hand, are getting to know other cultures and widen their own outlooks.


  • This is a video of what two children who are going to Riga are expecting to see and so when visiting this beautiful city.