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Andrés García Soler
  • Andrés García Soler

    Since 1991

    Andrés García Soler Primary school is a state school which depends on the department of Education in the Region of Murcia, Spain.

    Our school is situated in Lorca, the south-eastern part of Spain. It is located in the centre, in the “San Jose” area, not very far from the old town.

    The school was set up and built in 1991 owing to the growing population in this area of the town in the 90s. When the school started, it only had about 200 students. However, due to parents´ satisfaction, the school gained some popularity and it now has about 400 students and nearly 30 teachers.  About 130 children are Nursery students who are aged 3-5. All the others are Primary students from the age of 6 till 12.

    Our school joined the Murcia English bilingual project in 2010, being the first state school in this area of the Region of Murcia in participating in this initiative. Therefore, we are a prime example of a CLIL school in Europe which uses this methodology plus English immersion as of from the age of 6 till the very end of Primary Education. At the current moment in time, we teach Art and Crafts, Natural Science and English literacy through a CLIL approach where the English language is the vehicle of communication at all times.

    Due to the huge success when using CLIL in terms of pedagogy and students´ level of proficiency with the English language, we decided to apply for two Erasmus + KA1 & KA2 projects which revolve around this methodology.

  • Brief presentation of our school by some children in Year 3 & 5 (school year 2014-15)